Friv Games

March 1st, 2021

If you like to play online games then you must check out friv games! Friv Games is an online website that allows you to play a large variety of games, and for free! In fact, there are 250 games available for you to choose from every time you visit the website so if you like to play games be sure to visit friv games for some really great game choices. There may be a lot of online websites that offer game play but friv games offers the top games available and without a lot of advertising that may get in the way of your playing the friv games.

How Do I Choose Some Friv Games to Play?
As soon as you enter the site you will see a colorful screen that displays all of the 250 games available for you to choose from. There is no software to download, simply click on a friv game of your choosing and start playing. It doesn’t get any simpler! (Just be sure that you have a high speed internet connection so you don’t experience any screen freezes.) When a new game is added to the website the least popular friv games are automatically replaced so there is always something new to play at friv games.

What Kind of Games Are Available at Friv Games?
Friv games offers games for every age and every skill level so there is a large variety of friv games to choose from and play that will be sure to satisfy everyone. Even if a game looks like it may be geared towards a particular age range, do not be fooled! Some of these friv games may look like they are made for a young child but they are actually for every one; you may be surprised at how many adults admit to being addicted to some of the games found on the friv games website! Below is a sample of just a few of some of the more popular friv games available for you to play.

Racing and Strategy Games at Friv Games
• Spin the Black Circle
• Tower Blaster
• Parking Mania

Arcade style Games at Friv Games
• Skyball
• Roly Poly Cannon 2
• Tank

Puzzle Games at Friv Games
• Tetris
• Mahjong
• Fresh Chess 3
• Rome Puzzle

Educational Games at Friv Games
• Globe Game
• Mars Buggy

As you can see, friv games offers a large variety of fun games to play. It does not matter why you want to play friv games, maybe you are bored or maybe you are up for a challenge, whatever the reason be sure to visit friv games often if you are looking for a fun and easy way to play online friv games.

NOTE: Be sure to supervise young children if this is the first time they are going online and playing games. Although most sites are safe it is a good idea to make sure your child finds a website that allows them to play friv games without any problems, ensuring their friv games experience is a fun one!

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

February 25th, 2021

So you are looking for things to do with your boyfriend. You both have the day to spend together and need some new suggestions for having some fun and adventure. Actually, there are plenty of things to do with your boyfriend, it just depends on what you are in the mood for so here you will find a variety of suggestions about things to do with your boyfriend, in which you will surely find a few ideas that will be fun for the both of you!

When you are looking for things to do with your boyfriend try to think of what he likes and dislikes. Try to make the day all about him (he will love this! and will hopefully reciprocate this one day back to you!) and then make your plans based around what you think he would have fun doing. There are plenty of things to do with your boyfriend but you want to make sure that you choose things that you will both enjoy so be sure to read on for some fun and fresh ideas on things to do with your boyfriend.

Things to do with your Boyfriend in the Morning
• Knock on his door about 5 minutes before he is due to wake up, with breakfast. Homemade or store bought, it is up to you.
• Watch the sun rise. If you find it hard to get up that early then stay up all night.

Things to do with your Boyfriend in the Afternoon
• Have lunch at a new restaurant that serves a type of cuisine that you have never tried before. Be adventuresome!
• Find a park or beach and set up an easel and take turns painting a picture of each other in your beautiful surroundings.

Things to do with your Boyfriend in the Evening
• Go for a romantic walk somewhere you have never been before. Hold hands.
• Go out for spaghetti and be sure to share the noodles, like in the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.

Things to do with your Boyfriend at any Time of the Day
• Kiss him every hour on the hour.
• Learn how to say ‘I Love You’ in 5 different languages.

Things to do with your Boyfriend that will Make Him Smile
• Send him texts every hour saying little things about how much you like/love him.
• Ask him how his day is/was and be truly interested when he tells you.

Things to do with your Boyfriend that will make You Smile
• Call him cute little nicknames, like snuggle bunny and cutie pie.
• Send him flowers. Okay, this will make him smile, too.

As you can see there are a variety of fun, interesting, and even unusual things to do with your boyfriend. Hopefully you will try at least a few of the ideas above on things to do with your boyfriend so be prepared to have some fun and adventure as you prepare your list for the day of things to do with your boyfriend.

Unblocked Games

February 21st, 2021

As most game players know, playing games on the internet can be lots of fun! There are a tremendous amount of games available online as well as just as many websites that offer these games that are available for you to choose from so there is definitely something for everyone. Maybe you like to play some classic arcade games? Or games that involve strategy and/or skill? Whatever you like you are sure to find a game that fits your game playing needs and style on the internet.

Today we will specifically look at some blocked as well as some unblocked games in regards to school and the workplace. There are filters put into these systems that allows the authorities to actually completely block some websites from entering the school or workplace, which makes finding and playing online games difficult, yet it is doable. Some websites have made it their priority to create a way that these blocked games can become unblocked games by creating ways that allow the site to bypass any filters, allowing the unblocked games to be played.

Blocked Games vs. Unblocked Games
Blocked games are games that have been blocked by either your workplace or school because they do not want you to have access to them while at work or school. This will happen when it is believed that the games are too violent or have some type of moral dilemma that is considered not appropriate to play while at school or while at work.

Unblocked games are accordingly games that have been unblocked and are therefore considered appropriate to play in the school or workplace. There have been some schools that have unblocked games after school officials have evaluated the game and decided that it helps the students in their learning process. Unblocked games in schools are played often.

Unblocked Games in the Workplace
Many employers decided that it would be a good idea to block games in the workplace as some employees decided that it was more fun to play games while at work rather than actually work. Although this worked for a while there are some websites that are made to bypass any filters in place that may block them so unblocked games are still found, and played, in the workplace. Unblocked games are addicting!

Unblocked Games in Schools
Many parents were concerned about their children playing online video games that didn’t seem appropriate to play while at school so the schools placed filters within their system that blocks games they have deemed inappropriate. As you can imagine this consisted of thousands of games blocked by the schools. After some evaluation, schools have decided to unblock some games that they think will help the child succeed in school.

Examples of Some Popular Unblocked Games
• Super Mario Brothers
• Sonic
• Sim Girls
• Balloon Popper

NOTE: The availability to find and play unblocked games is becoming more and more the norm. Although unblocked games are becoming easier to find, unblocked games were once blocked for a reason so if you are concerned about your child playing unblocked games then you can contact your school for more information.

Zombie Games

February 17th, 2021

Do you like scary things that creep in the night? Do you frighten easy? Do you like ghouls and zombies and vampires? If you said yes, then you will probably enjoy playing zombie games. Zombie games are fun, and scary! Of course, there are different levels of intensity so although this scary style of online video game can be played by most ages it is recommended that those who play zombie games be at least 12 years of age.

Zombie games are quite popular these days. There are zombie movies that have such a huge fan base that their interest in the genre has brought them to playing zombie games. The story line of all zombie games is just about the same with some variation just to keep it interesting. A plague or disease of some kind has infected the human population, which kills most people but not for long as they then turn into a zombie. Zombies eat human flesh (run!) and can also turn the person bit into a zombie, so the uninfected must avoid these flesh-eating zombies.

A Little about Zombie Games
Zombie games can be fun because they are considered a classic enemy. Zombie games have been around for more than 25 years now and as you can imagine the graphics and strategy are much more detailed then from days past. Zombie games started with just the thought of being scary. For example, the screen would show a human and a zombie character and you have to run away or you lose. Fairly simple and straightforward, right? The scariness was all inside your imagination. Nowadays, with new technological advances, zombie games can be almost as realistic as real life, which can provide a very intense game playing experience for some and that is why most zombie games have at least a PG-13 rating.

New Age Zombies and Zombie Games
Zombies used to be dumb and slow, so you could easily outrun and avoid them. In today’s zombie games the zombies can run! And are seemingly smarter so this definitely creates more of a challenge when playing zombie games because you have to be much more alert than before!

Why You Should Play Zombie Games
You should play zombie games because zombie games are fun! And scary and challenging. Zombie games can really get all your senses going so if this sounds like fun to you, then you should definitely look into playing zombie games. If you are too scared, invite some friends over and they can help you fight off the zombies!

Popular Zombie Games
• Pandemic 2
• The Last Stand 2
• Zombie Rampage

Top Rated Zombie Games
• Days 2 Die
• Zombies took my Daughter
• Sonny 2

NOTE: Some zombie games can be very intense so please be sure to monitor any young children that may be interested in playing zombie games. 12 and up is the recommended age.

Stuff To Do When Your Bored

February 14th, 2021

Even though it seems there must be plenty of things that one can do with some extra time on their hands it isn’t so easy to find stuff to do when your bored. People are creatures of habit and tend to get comfortable in their everyday routine, performing the same actions over and over again, so thinking up stuff to do when your bored is not as easy as it may seem. So if you have reached the point where you have some extra time on your hands and cannot think of anything new to do then read on for some great ideas on stuff to do when your bored.

To make it a little more exciting the list includes stuff to do when your bored that may be considered a little out of the box.

Stuff to do when your Bored and Hungry
• Order a pizza from a place you’ve never heard of. Good Luck!
• Make a menu of all the foods you eat. In the future, if you ever feel like you are tired of eating the same thing and want something new just pull out the menu.
• Eat cereal with water or juice.

Stuff to do when your Bored that Makes No Sense (but is fun!)
• Talk in an accent all day. Be sure to go somewhere where no one knows you and see if they can tell.
• Eat 15 crackers and then try to whistle. This is much more fun when you can get a few friends together to do it with you. Whoever loses has to clean up the mess.
• Sing the ‘song that never ends’ or ’1,000 bottles of beer on the wall’.

Stuff to do when your Bored that take Commitment
• Learn to play a musical instrument. Piano? Tuba? Harmonica? Bagpipes?
• Volunteer at a local animal shelter or old folks home. You won’t regret it.
• Sign up for a class in an area you have an interest in, such as photography.

Stuff to do when your Bored and Feeling Creative
• Juggle! Use different shapes and sizes to really test your skills!
• Create a new board or card game. Sell it to Hasbro.
• Write a poem about how special someone is and then give it to a complete stranger. It will make their day.

Stuff to do when your Bored and Want to be Smart(er)
• Get the dictionary out and learn 5 new words. Use them every day for at least a week.
• Learn 3 common phrases in another language. The phrases ‘I love you’ and ‘Where’s the bathroom’ is a good start. Use them all day long.
• Puzzles! Sudoku. Crossword. Anagrams.

Stuff to do when your Bored that Could Help You in the Future
• Start a savings account. Make sure you can’t touch it for at least 20 years.
• Look for stuff to do when your bored.

Looking for stuff to do when your bored is not always easy. As we know, it’s really not fun to be bored so looking for stuff to do when your bored is a good idea. Hopefully, you found at least one of the suggestions listed above on stuff to do when your bored list that will help you if or when you are feeling bored in the future.

Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

February 11th, 2021

If you are looking for things to do when your bored at home then this is the perfect article for you. Most likely, you are at home right now at this very moment looking for things to do when your bored at home so now that you have finally reached this article you will have a list of things to do when your bored at home that will be super productive, with some fun elements attached.

So you need an idea of some things to do when your bored at home. The following ideas are meant to cure your boredom problem as well as be productive so even though you may not like the sound of an idea at first, just think about it for a few minutes and maybe you will change your mind. Remember, these are things to do when your bored at home that are productive, so the end result will be your well-earned reward.

Things to do when your Bored at Home: Kitchen
• Clean your fridge. Wear old clothes, turn up the music real loud, and have fun. You should lose a pound or two.
• If you get sunlight, plant an herb garden. It’s not only easy to pinch off some fresh herbs when cooking, this will also make your kitchen smell great.

Things to do when your Bored at Home: Living Room
• Paint one wall as a focus point. It will change the whole room.
• Re-arrange any pictures hanging on the walls.

Things to do when your bored at Home: Bathroom
• Paint! With about $10 and a couple of hours you can easily freshen up your bathroom with a new paint color.
• Caulk the bathtub.

Things to do when your Bored at Home: Bedroom
• Clean out your drawers and line them with fresh liners that smell like lavender.
• Re-arrange the furniture. If not possible, then just move things around a few inches here and there or a chair from one corner to the other.

Things to do when your Bored at Home: Closet
• Get that box full of pictures out and organize them. First take $20 bucks and buy a photo album and some scrapbooking items.
• Choose at least 3 pieces of some of your nicer clothing to donate to a charity of your choosing. Preferably a non-profit that helps women find jobs.

Things to do when your Bored at Home: Front Yard
• Yard Sale! Get rid of what you don’t need and make some money while doing it. win-win!
• Sell lemonade and cookies. More money…

Things to do when your Bored at Home: Back Yard
• Barbecue! Make sure you only cook healthy foods.
• Camp out! Pitch up the tent and spend some quality time with yourself or any friends or loved ones that may be there with you. No technology allowed.

Now you have some ideas for things to do when your bored at home. The above-mentioned things to do when your bored at home are considered productive and hopefully you will take some of the ideas listed for things to do when your bored at home and put them to good use.

Fog Games Are For Everyone

February 8th, 2021

Fog games, which stands for free online games, are a highly popular choice for those who like to play games. There are fog games for everyone–young, old, boy, girl, for fun, for skill, etc. Choose from classic puzzles, adventure games, action games, sports games, driving games, and more. There’s really no end to all the fog games available for you to play online, and for free! No catch. You just need a computer and an internet connection and you are ready to play some fog games.

Fog games are used by many different people and for many different reasons. Most people search out fog games for the simple fun of playing games. Maybe you’re bored and want something to do. Or maybe you like to test your skills or your smarts by playing games that let you access this features within you. Whatever the reason, there are an abundance of fog games out there for you to choose from so depending on what style you are looking for you are sure to find some great fog games below.

Most Played Fog Games (changes every day)
• Tractor Mania–a race to the finish!
• Bat that Rat–catch it before it gets way!
• Dirt Bike 2–do lots of tricks while racing!
• Epic Truck 2–who can reach the finish line first?

Some More Popular Fog Games Tags
• Big City Diner–serve fast meals at this drive in diner!
• Supreme Stunts–do some awesome stunts to go the next level!
• Nob War–lead your troops, conquer castles!

The Newest Fog Games
• Papa’s Pizzeria–help run the pizzeria!
• Jungle Kart Island–race around a jungle island!
• Basketball Shots–show the NBA coach how great your shots are!

Fog Games that Require Skill
• Mahjongg–find matching pairs, there’s more than one way to win!
• Golf–use your skills to show the masters your golfing skills!

Classic Fog Games
• Hangman–guess the word in so many turns, or face the consequences!
• Jenga–balance these unusually-shaped game pieces to win!
• Connect Four–get four in a row, easier than it sounds!

As you can see there are numerous amounts of fog games available for you to play in just as many different areas of expertise. It’s all just a matter of finding the kinds of fog games that you like and then exploring all the websites that offer the various fog games that are out there for you to choose from. Most fog games need to be downloaded, which is not a difficult thing to do. Just follow the directions given to you and you will be ready to play!

NOTE: Although fog games are for everyone some fog games may not be appropriate for all ages so please be sure to supervise any young children that may be playing fog games.

Fun Things To Do In Summer

February 5th, 2021

Looking for some fun things to do in summer? It seems like it would be an easy task–to think of a lot of fun things to do in summer, and there probably are a lot of things to do in summer that you have already done before. So here we will explore some fun things to do in summer that are not viewed as something everyone does every summer and instead offers some more unexpected, yet fun!, options.

So the seasons are changing and summer is almost here. What are you going to do? Summer is a great time to find new and fun things to do. The weather is hot and screams for you to get out of the house and find some things to do in summer that will ensure you will never be bored. So if you are looking for fun things to do in summer then you are in the right place! Here you will find lots of things to do in summer that are not only fun but you can also learn a lot by doing some of these things to do in summer so the choice is up to you. Have fun!

Fun Things to do in Summer–Adults
• Write a poem to a secret crush. Send it if you dare.
• Bake a new type of cookie. Preferably one you’ve never heard of!
• Learn a new language.
• Read a book.

Fun Things to do in Summer–Teens
• Invite some friends over for a backyard picnic.
• Have a bake sale to earn some money. Donate to a local charity.
• Make a mixed CD of all your favorite songs.
• Experiment with making the best smoothie ever!
• Help someone in your neighborhood with their yard work. They’ll love you!

Fun Things to do in Summer–Kids
• Walk around your neighborhood and try to find 10 different flowers that you can pick to take home a make a beautiful bouquet.
• Make a treasure hunt in the backyard for your friends.
• Volunteer to read a book for someone that can’t get out of the house.
• Fly a kite! Make sure you go somewhere with lots of open space.

Educational Things to do in Summer
• Family game night! Choose games that make you smart.
• Visit a local museum.
• Make homemade ice cream.
• Start a new collection.

Challenging or Unusual Things to do in Summer
• Spend the day without any type of electronic device.
• Try to make something productive from using recyclables in the house.
• Look up your family history.

So as you can see there are lots of things to do in summer! Try to think of some original ideas with some of your family and friends for things to do in summer and you might just be surprised at how many fun things you can think of for things to do in summer.

What To Do When Your Bored At Home

February 1st, 2021

So you’ve done everything there is to do while at home and now you are bored. So what to do when your bored at home? There are lots of things that one can do when they are bored so read on for lots of fun ideas and suggestions for what to do when your bored at home.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home with a Paper and Pen.
• Draw silly pictures of someone that you would never let them see.
• Make spin art by keeping the paper still and running around the table with the pen.
• Make paper airplanes. They must be able to fly.
• Puzzles!
What To Do When Your Bored at Home and Alone
• Sit on the porch/balcony and people watch. Make up stories about their life.
• Sing songs from your school days.
• Try to type with your toes.
• Try to catch any bugs that may be flying around your house. Put it in a jar to share.
• See how many grapes you can fit into your mouth at one time.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home with Electronics
• Watch a movie with a friend that has sub-titles and make up what they are saying.
• Surf the internet for jokes and humor. Laugh.
• Take something apart and then try to put it back together.
• Watch a favorite movie and recite all the lines with the actors.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home that Make No Sense Whatsoever
• Make really loud animal sounds, just to see how your neighbors react.
• Pick one word and say it over and over again until it doesn’t make sense anymore.
• Be a robot for at least an hour.
• Make funny sounds with your mouth.
• Walk around for the rest of the day backwards.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home that Boost Your Ego
• Jump on all the furniture while yelling “Look at me!”
• Memorize your favorite poem or book quote. Recite for everyone you encounter.
• Get a shoe box and fill it with all the things that represent what a wonderful person you are.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home that Can Help You Lose Weight
• Turn up the radio super loud and dance for an hour.
• Play ping-pong with yourself.
• Only eat fruits and vegetables for the whole day.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home with Friends
• Host a painting party.
• Throw food at each other and try to catch it with your mouths.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home that is Productive
• Clean your garage. Then have a yard sale.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home that is Creative
• Make a foil statue.

What To Do When Your Bored at Home that May Not Be Such A Good Idea
• Eat junk food all day.

As you can see, there are many things to do when your bored, so if you are looking for what to do when your bored at home just keep this list handy and you will always have something to do!

Bord Games Are Fun

January 29th, 2021

Almost everyone likes to play bord games. It does not matter how old you are or where you live bord games are meant to be played with others and therefore create an atmosphere of fun and laughter.

What are Bord Games?
Bord games are games that people play together and usually come in the form of some type of ‘bord’ hence the name bord games. Usually played on a table or floor (some type of flat surface) bord games come in many shapes and sizes. There can be few pieces or many it just depends on the bord game and its purpose. The earliest bord games date back more than 3,500 years but the bord games we know today date back to the early 20th century. The ideas for most bord games came from other countries with the United States last in line. It wasn’t until the 1950′s when bord games really started to become popular. Mainly due to the end of World War 2, people were settling into a middle class life and were finding that with newfound prosperity and time on their hands, it was now time to relax and play some bord games and have some well-deserved fun.

Types of Bord Games
Some bord games are played simply for fun while other bord games are meant to test your skills while still other bord games are a testament to just how smart you may be. So if you are looking for a bord game to play there are lots of choices for you to choose from. Classic bord games are games that have been around for a while and are known to be family favorites. Racing bord games are games that usually two to four players play together with the main objective to see who gets to the end or the finish line first. Party bord games are made both for children and for adults and often involve a lot of action, such as yelling out the answer, or balancing unusual shapes so that they won’t fall, as well as collaborating with a team to come up with an answer to a challenging question.

Classic Bord Games
• Monopoly
• Batttleship
• Clue
• Scrabble
Racing Bord Games
• Backgammon
• Parcheesi
• Trouble
• Sorry!
Party Bord Games
• Cranium
• Jenga
• Trivial Pursuit
• TriBond

Online Bord Games
The computer has allowed us to play bord games online, which is a way that you can play a bord game of your choosing in a virtual format. Now people who have grown up with and are used to playing bord games in a physical context usually stick with this playing format. On the other hand, those who have grown up with using a computer are most likely more comfortable with the virtual format of playing bord games online. A bonus for those playing online is that there are no limitations to who you can play with as there are programs that allow you to play bord games with other computer users from all over the world.

Fun Fact: You can find the bord game Monopoly in at least 15 different languages. Special editions are made from time to time and some have been made in chocolate while others in pure, solid gold.