What To Do When Your Bored: 10 Useful Ideas

Sometimes you find yourself wondering what to do when your bored. We start to look around as if the answer will somehow jump out at us, which usually doesn’t happen so here are some useful ideas for what to do when your bored.

1. Volunteer somewhere that’s close to your heart
2. Get out that old box of pictures, organize and put together a scrapbook
3. Make a list of friends. Write them a letter about how much you care about them and send it.
4. Adopt a tree, highway, etc.
5. Write a letter to congress letting them know how you feel about a certain political issue.
6. If it’s raining, go outside and play!
7. Learn a new language.
8. Read a book from the NYT best-seller list.
9. Donate money to a worthy cause.
10. Do your part to help end world hunger.

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