Zombie Games

Do you like scary things that creep in the night? Do you frighten easy? Do you like ghouls and zombies and vampires? If you said yes, then you will probably enjoy playing zombie games. Zombie games are fun, and scary! Of course, there are different levels of intensity so although this scary style of online video game can be played by most ages it is recommended that those who play zombie games be at least 12 years of age.

Zombie games are quite popular these days. There are zombie movies that have such a huge fan base that their interest in the genre has brought them to playing zombie games. The story line of all zombie games is just about the same with some variation just to keep it interesting. A plague or disease of some kind has infected the human population, which kills most people but not for long as they then turn into a zombie. Zombies eat human flesh (run!) and can also turn the person bit into a zombie, so the uninfected must avoid these flesh-eating zombies.

A Little about Zombie Games
Zombie games can be fun because they are considered a classic enemy. Zombie games have been around for more than 25 years now and as you can imagine the graphics and strategy are much more detailed then from days past. Zombie games started with just the thought of being scary. For example, the screen would show a human and a zombie character and you have to run away or you lose. Fairly simple and straightforward, right? The scariness was all inside your imagination. Nowadays, with new technological advances, zombie games can be almost as realistic as real life, which can provide a very intense game playing experience for some and that is why most zombie games have at least a PG-13 rating.

New Age Zombies and Zombie Games
Zombies used to be dumb and slow, so you could easily outrun and avoid them. In today’s zombie games the zombies can run! And are seemingly smarter so this definitely creates more of a challenge when playing zombie games because you have to be much more alert than before!

Why You Should Play Zombie Games
You should play zombie games because zombie games are fun! And scary and challenging. Zombie games can really get all your senses going so if this sounds like fun to you, then you should definitely look into playing zombie games. If you are too scared, invite some friends over and they can help you fight off the zombies!

Popular Zombie Games
• Pandemic 2
• The Last Stand 2
• Zombie Rampage

Top Rated Zombie Games
• Days 2 Die
• Zombies took my Daughter
• Sonny 2

NOTE: Some zombie games can be very intense so please be sure to monitor any young children that may be interested in playing zombie games. 12 and up is the recommended age.

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